Blocklings Mod Wiki

These skills don't serve a specific function, they are mainly "Utility" skills, to help you manage your blocklings

Heal Skill.png Heal (Level 10)

Right-click on your blockling with flowers or their respective type items to heal 3-5 health.

Packling Skill.png Packling (Level 25)

Crouch and right-click with flowers or their respective type items to pick up your blockling in item form.

Armadillo Skill.png Armadillo (Level 50)

Your blockling will drop in item form instead of dying.

Speedy Skill.png Speedy (Level 50)

Your blockling moves 5% faster.

Speedier Skill.png Speedier (Level 100)

Your blockling moves 10% faster.

Speediest Skill.png Speediest (Level 150)

Your blockling moves 20% faster.

Autoswitch Skill.png Autoswitch (Level 100)

Your blockling will switch to the best tools they have for their current task.